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We want to share customer success stories on our website, and we're hoping you'd be kind enough to create a short Customer Testimonial for us...

You can submit a short written or video testimonial HERE talking about how ScobiesDirect helps your business. Share how you have found being a customer of ScobiesDirect.

You can follow this LINK to submit a written or video testimonial. As a token of thanks, we'll send Scobies customers who submit a video a £10 / €10 Scobies voucher. Written testimonials get £5 / €5 voucher.

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Do you want to win £100’s worth of Dalebrook Kata kit for your counter? Of course you do! Read on to find out how…

It’s the Chelsea Flower Show this month, from 24-28th May, and we were so inspired by Ant’s creation above (Craftmeat_Dorset's Instagram page) that we thought we might have our own Scobies Flower Show!

Are there any budding florists in your shop who like to get creative with their butcher display? Send in your pics to Yvonne on, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #scobiesflowershow.

Get as creative as you like, with just one tray, or a whole counter! You can use props and garnishes to your heart's delight, just make sure it's bloomin' lovely (see what we did there?).

Have your photos to us by 31st May! Good luck!

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Farm Shop and Deli Show 25th - 27th April 2022

ScobiesDirect are delighted to be returning to the Birmingham NEC for the Farm Shop and Deli Show 2022.

You'll find us at stand G140 in Hall 6 between 25th and 27th April. Find out all about our latest products and special offers plus meet the ScobiesDirect team!

We'll be promoting our NEW MRC marinade range, Starrett UK knives, plus loads of retail sauces and samples. And you can be in with the chance of WINning a new Edikio Flex ticket printer, worth £1200!...Attend for FREE!

Register here -

Come and say hello, we'd love to meet you!

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A true International Woman - Elsie here from Great Garnetts is competing with Team GB in the World Butchers' Challenge later this year in Sacramento. Watch Yvonne chat with Elsie about life as a butcher!

Elsie works as a butcher for Great Garnetts – a pork & turkey farm and butcher that produces all of its own pigs - making delicious award winning bacon and sausages.

Check out their FACEBOOK page and their INSTAGRAM page to see what they are up to.

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In honour of International Women's Day, ScobiesDirect have interviewed Saffy from A. R. Day butchers. Saffy is becoming a well-known face on the butchery scene, and is certainly one to watch! Check her Instagram out HERE.

Read below to see what Saffy has to say:

The start of my butchery journey is probably not dissimilar to many others. I lived in a very small rural village and my Mum often used the butchers. One day I said to her I would quite like to do my work experience week (which we had to do in school) there. She went down and said to my now boss Andy that I’d be interested in doing some hours in the shop and he said get her to come down and she can have a job now! So, I walked down aged 13 and I’ve never left! I started off as ‘The Saturday Girl’ and then did more hours in the holidays.

I hated school, I always preferred being at work. However, I didn’t always think that butchery was what I wanted to do. I knew when I finished school that I didn’t want to go to college or university, so surprisingly I was looking into hair dressing as an apprenticeship. But I knew that I had found a passion and a love for the industry, that’s when I decided I wanted to do my apprenticeship in butchery. With my Mum and Andy’s support, this was one of the best decisions that I’ve made.

To be a butcher is such an extraordinary role, the fact that you can turn a carcass into so many products and create beautiful works of art out of an animal. Without doubt, the best thing about the job is the fact that there are always things to be learning or refining, whether that be a new sausage recipe or learning the technical terms for things like synovial fluid (the gooey stuff round joints that’s a pain to clean up!). Although, the most rewarding part of the job is when you serve a customer and they go away with your products happy and pleased with their purchase. Even when they might not fully appreciate the time, effort or skill of the craft or the process it took to get on their plate.

If I could go back in time and tell myself anything it would be to not doubt or question myself as much as I did. I very much felt like I had imposter syndrome and that I shouldn’t be there. I was very lucky in the fact that Andy (my boss) had so much patience with me (especially when it came to tying sausages!). He is such a brilliant teacher and role-model, without him I would not have become the butcher or woman I am today. I will forever be grateful for the time he spent teaching me this dying trade.

My butchering future… I will always want to perfect my craft, getting that bone cleaner but I feel like that is a butcher’s goal full stop. I’ve been following the amazing Team GB Butchery and that is something that would be phenomenal to work towards as a personal achievement. I also want to grow my Instagram page (@thelittleblondebutcher) not just for fellow butchers, but to people wanting to learn about the meat industry. I want people to understand the process and the love that goes into it. I want them to see that if they support local butchers shop they are not only supporting them, they are supporting a whole network of people that this country needs desperately. I haven’t really got a plan, I never planned this to be my career so who knows!

To other young women who are thinking about doing a butchery apprenticeship is to just go for it! If butchery is something that you enjoy doing and find pride in doing, then do it. It is difficult but all the hard work, the early mornings and frustration is worth it. Even if you have to cut the strings off the joint you’ve rolled 3 times already just to get it perfect, so what? Ignore the dinosaurs who will try to judge you, you’ll be just as good if not better than any man! Remember that you do not have to prove yourself in this industry there is space for everyone! Being a woman does not limit me in my butchery career, it changes a world that has been dominated by men.

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